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Setting storage heaters

Storage heaters use electricity overnight and store heat to release it the following day. The benefit is they use electricity at night when it can be cheaper and give out heat the next day. Repairs Team Coordinator, Dave Lord, says it’s important you know how to use the controls to get the most out of storage heaters, especially in winter.

“In cold weather, set the input control to maximum,” says Dave. “As the weather gets warmer and you need less heat, turn down the input control to store less heat.”

Dave recommends: “For most economical heating, leave the output control on a low setting during the day – lowest when you are out. Turn up in the evening when you need more heat. Before bedtime, turn down the output control to its lowest setting to stop heat being given out while you’re in bed.”

It’s really important you use a storage heater safely. Covering it could cause a safety hazard. Dave advises: “You should never cover the heater or block the air outlets as this will cause the temperature of the heater to rise and the safety cut-outs to operate. Make sure there’s a gap of at least 15cm (6 inches) between the top of a storage heater and curtains.”

Dave also says never dry wet washing on a storage heater. “As well as causing a safety hazard, putting wet washing on top of a storage heater can cause condensation.”

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