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Keeping warm, saving money

The cold weather is here and it’s really important you keep your home warm. Not switching on your heating is bad for your health and can also damage your home.

Together Housing Gas Repairs Team Coordinator, Geoff Wallis, says if you have central heating you should use the thermostat, timer and radiator valves to keep warm and save money.

“Best thing to do to keep warm and save money is to set the heating at 17 degrees, run it for a day, if you feel a bit cold turn the thermostat up one degree and do that until you find a temperature that is comfortable for you.”

Set the thermostat between 17 and 21 degrees, advises Geoff. Do you know, for every degree you can turn your heating down, you could save up to 5% of your heating bill?

Use the heating timer to save money. Geoff recommends: “Setting the heating to come on half an hour before you get up, so it’s nice and warm when you’re up. Set it to go off half an hour before you go out. Also, you can have it set to come on half an hour before you come home and half an hour before you go to bed.”

Use the valves on radiators so you don’t waste energy. “In cold weather, you might want to set the radiator valve in your living room to maximum,” says Geoff, “and perhaps a bit lower in bedrooms – whatever is comfortable for you.”

By following these simple steps, you can set your heating system to keep warm and save money in winter.

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