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Burst pipes

Winter weather can burst your pipes and ruin your home and possessions. Together Housing Plumber, Paul Townend, has this useful advice.

“Turn off the water supply at the stop tap. That’s the first thing to do,” says Paul. “Know where your stop tap is, it’s usually in the kitchen near the sink. And know how to turn it off – turn all the way to the right. Then drain your system. You need to get as much water out of the system as possible to prevent water from spilling through the house. Start by turning on all cold water taps and flushing toilets. Make sure you keep some water for drinking.”

The next step is to turn off your central heating system by switching off the boiler. Remember to turn off immersion heaters. Once you’ve done this, drain the system further by turning on all hot water taps.

Paul adds: “If you know how, switch off the electricity if necessary. If a burst pipe is near any electrical switches or fuse boxes, turn the electrics off at the consumer unit. Collect the water. This seems like common sense, but you might need many buckets, pans and any large containers to collect the water. If the ceiling starts to bulge, you might decide to release the build-up of water. Stand well back and use a long-handled implement to release the water.”

Finally, call Together Housing and we’ll send Paul or one of his colleagues.

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