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Fire safety advice

We take the safety of our residents very seriously and we work in partnership with the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service to look at ways to keep you and your family safe.

We have made some short videos with simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of fire harming you, your family and your neighbours.

The videos have been made with expert advice from the Fire Service. They are only a minute long. 

Keep kitchens safe

Did you know that over half of accidental fires in the home start in the kitchen, with two thirds of these fires starting in the oven or cooker? By following these easy and effective steps, you can lower the risk of an accidental fire breaking out in your kitchen.

Fit a smoke alarm

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to have a working smoke alarm which gives you an early warning of fire. They’re fitted in most Together Housing homes. If you don’t have one, or it’s broken, tell us. Every week, check your alarm is working by pushing the test button. If it’s battery-powered, replace the battery when necessary.


Stub it out

Many deaths caused by fires are related to smoking. Take care when smoking inside your home. Make sure your cigarette is completely put out, use a proper ash tray and NEVER smoke in bed. Don’t leave e-cigarettes to charge overnight and only use the manufacturer’s charger.

Safety around electricity

The misuse of electrical equipment is the cause of many household fires. Don’t overload plug sockets. Try to keep to one plug per socket. Check your electrical equipment and replace old or frayed electrical cables. Take particular care with hair straighteners and electric blankets.

High rise safety

Living in a high rise block doesn’t mean you are more at risk of a fire, but it does mean you need to consider how a fire might affect you and your neighbours if one breaks out.

Fire doors

Fire doors help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Keep fire doors closed, never prop them open. There’s a seal around the edge of a fire door that expands in a fire. Make sure it’s not damaged and report it if there’s a fault. Never alter or remove the self-closing device on a fire door.

Keep communal areas clear

Make sure stairs, corridors and landings are clear of prams, bikes and scooters, and don’t use communal areas to store personal possessions, especially those that can be set on fire. Rubbish shouldn’t be left lying around as this is a fire risk, so use the bins or waste disposal units provided.

Make an escape plan

Plan an escape route and make sure everyone in your home knows it. If a fire starts in your flat, leave quickly, closing all doors behind you. Don’t use the lift. Once outside, call 999.

If there is a fire elsewhere in the building and you are not affected by smoke or fire, it should be safe to stay in your flat – but remember to call 999, don’t assume someone else has done.

If a fire starts inside your block and it’s not safe to leave your flat because of smoke or fire in the communal area, STAY PUT, close doors, call 999, ask for the Fire Service and react to advice.

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