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Evacuating your flat

In the unlikely event of you being asked to evacuate your flat (this would usually be requested by a member of The Fire Service), it is essential that The Fire Service are able to quickly locate persons that will require support to use the stairwell.

Please remember that in the event of fire, you will not be permitted to use the lift!

Completing the form below will allow us to update our records and make sure that we hold all the information we may need to ensure your safety in case of an emergency.

I confirm that I am either the named person above or assisting the named person above to complete this information online.

Do you have oxygen cylinders stored in your flat (e.g. for medical purposes)?

In the event of you and members of your household being instructed to leave the building, could you and all members of your household use the stairs from your flat to the outside area? (Without relying on any support and without the use of the lift)

When your fire alarm is tested (within your flat), can you and all members of your household hear the alarm?

I understand that this information will be held electronically to update my records and shared with appropriate external bodies such as The Fire Service

13 + 11 =

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