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Repair priorities

Each repair request we receive is assigned a priority based on the information you give us about the problem. This priority will determine how quickly we respond to you and how long we allocate to complete the repair.




Examples (list not exhaustive)

Appointment Offered?

Priority 1

Attend within 24 hours A repair that requires making safe/repairing where there is immediate risk to life and/or a danger/risk to property. Severe leaks which can’t be contained, major electrical failure (not a power cut), exposed live electrical wires. NO You will need to stay in until we visit

Priority 2

Complete within 28 days A repair that does not pose immediate risk to person or property and can be carried out by appointment. Leaking radiator, dripping tap, kitchen drawer has become loose, extractor fan not working, window handle loose. YES An appointment will be offered

Priority 3

Complete within 90 days A repair that can be carried out as part of a programme of works. Blocked gutters, roofing work, repairs to footpaths NO Unless access is needed for us to carry out this repair

Gas Safety Check

At least once every 12 months A gas safety check of Together Housing appliances and a visual check of any other installed gas appliances. N/A YES And you must be in when we visit
Electrical safety check At least once every 5 years An electrical check of the installation wiring and accessories to ensure safe continued use N/A YES and you must be in when we visit
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