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Planned Improvements

Each year we invest millions of pounds making sure our residents’ homes are warm, safe and secure.

Some of this money is spent on replacing things like kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors and some is spent on less obvious improvements like re-pointing brickwork or replacing soffits at rooflines.

How do we decide what work we do?

To make sure we know the state of our properties, we carry out Stock Condition Surveys. These surveys give us an indication of what types of works need to be carried out in a particular neighbourhood and helps us plan for improvement works for the future.

How does the survey work?

If we need to carry out a property survey in your home, we’ll contact you and a surveyor will attend. The surveyor will go around your home checking the actual age and condition of your facilities against what our records say. This survey information will be used to identify what work, if any, is to be carried out in your home. We are unable to confirm any dates for potential works at this stage of the survey.

What happens next?

If we have identified that work is required in your home, we will write to you confirming what works we would like to complete. As part of the early planning stages we will need to arrange for an asbestos survey to be carried out. This is to make sure we are aware of any areas where we may come across asbestos whilst carrying out work. Without this survey we are unable to work in your home. We may also need to send in other companies to carry out their surveys, for example kitchen designers/specialist bathroom companies.

For works such as bathrooms, kitchens or door replacements, one of our Tenant Liaison Officers will contact you nearer the time to discuss your colour choice options and help you make your choices.

In the interim, we have produced a short video to show you the current options that are available for you to choose (insert link for kitchen and bathroom choices).

We will try to give you as much notice (14 days where possible) for when the works will start in your home. Before the works start, your Tenant Liaison Officer will visit you with a representative from the contractor (where possible) to explain the works to you in more detail.

Here, you can:

  • Meet the contractors tenant liaison officer or site manager
  • Find out what will happen and how it will impact on you
  • Find out how long the works will take
  • Discuss anything we may need you to do before work starts
  • Ask any questions about the works.

However, if you have any medical concerns, it is important you contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can help you further

What happens when the works start?

The contractors will have already informed you how many days/hours they will need to complete the works in your home prior to the works starting.
You will also have all the relevant contact numbers for the contractors and the team at Together Housing if you need to speak to us (including out of hours emergency numbers) Please use these numbers rather than the contact centre at together housing.

Once the works have started, you will be kept informed daily of how things are progressing and what will happen next by the contractor’s tenant liaison officer or site manager.

During the works the tenant liaison officer from Together housing will also visit you to make sure the works are running smoothly, answer any questions you may have and address any issues.

If you are having a bathroom or kitchen – we have a short video for you to watch which you may find useful prior to the works starting.

What happens when the work is completed?

We will ensure that all improvement works are carried out in line with our Improvements Service Standard (insert link) At the end of the works the contractors will inform you they have completed the works. They will also inform the project Co-ordinator from Together housing who will call to your home to handover (inspect) the works. If there are any outstanding issues highlighted (snags/snagging) these will be rectified within 5 working days.

Once everyone is happy with the handover inspection you will be left with a completion notice, confirming your home has been officially handed over and details of who to contact should you disagree or have any questions. And finally, to help us keep improving our services, we’ll ask you to carry out a customer satisfaction survey via text, so you can let us know how we and our contractors performed.

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