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Expert tips to transform your home

One of our former Welfare Benefits Advisors has set her own business up as an Interior designer and has some top tips for tenants wanting to style their homes.

Kelly Jones, founder of K Jones Interiors, said: “High end or high street, no matter what your budget, everybody deserves a nice home. To have an inviting, cosy and relaxing space really can change your mood, mindset and really boost your happiness, which ultimately can
improve your quality of living.

“There are a lot of simple things you can do to change the look and feel of a room that doesn’t need to cost the earth.”

Kelly’s top tips

  • Paint your old furniture – “Rather than throwing away your dated furniture, upcycle it. You can create a whole new look for just the price of a tin of paint and better still you probably won’t use it all and will have some left over paint to use on other things too.”
  • Spray paint – “If you have home accessories that you don’t like anymore, instead of throwing them out, try spray painting them. There are some lovely affordable metallic paints available which can turn the whole look around.”
  • Re-upholster – “If you have a chair or footstool that is looking a bit worn and dated, give it a new lease of life by using cheap offcuts of fabric to reupholster it yourself, usually all you need is a staple gun”.
  • Brighten your walls without redecorating – “Wall hangings are very effective in a dull space. With just pattern you can change the look completely and turn it into something fabulous. You can pick up samples of wallpaper from DIY stores and frame them, they look great.”
  • Look in the sales, Ebay, social media marketplaces, and best of all charity shops, you really can find some fabulous things!

If you want to think like a designer, Kelly recommends coming up with key words to describe the look you want for example cosy, luxurious, stunning or bold and putting together a mood board, using social media such as Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration.

When working with clients, sometimes Kelly uses colours that they dislike, taking them out of their comfort zone and bringing something to the table that they wouldn’t think of themselves. She also mixes up high street pieces with her own artwork and soft furnishings to create a completely individual look.

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