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Stencil like a designer

Do you want to be more creative with your room, but not sure how? The answer might be wall stencilling. We spoke to interior designer Kelly Jones, who shared with us her best tips for how to get your design from paper to wall.

Stencilling is where you either use tape or cut holes into paper to create a design. Then, using paint, you cover these holes to get your chosen design onto a surface. Here’s how to give it a go:

  • Paint your wall or piece of furniture with the base colour you would like to see under your design. Let the wall dry before starting the next step;
  • Using frog tape you can tape out your design. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look quite right the first time. The tape is easy to remove so you can get experimental and tweak the tape until your design is exactly how you want it;
  • You could also cut out a stencil on paper if you would like a smaller pattern for just part of the wall or piece of furniture. Once your stencil is how you want it, you can use the frog tape to stick it onto the wall in the place you want it;
  • Now your design is in place you can start colouring in the gaps! With a different shade of paint to your base colour start filling in the gaps. Depending on how you want the end product to look, you can use as many colours as you like!
  • Once your paint has dried it is now time to carefully remove the frog tape or paper. Then you can step back and enjoy your new design!
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