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How to make your own artwork

Sometimes you get tired of bare walls, but don’t want to shell out a lot to buy artwork. We spoke to interior designer Kelly Jones who gave us some tips on how to make your own professional looking artwork without the price tag.

Use those leftover pieces of wallpaper!

If you have leftover wallpaper you could frame it and make some matching artwork! This can also be done with fabric.

Another way to display your spare wallpaper or fabric would be to use canvases. You can buy second-hand canvases from a charity shop, cut the wallpaper (or fabric) to match the size of the canvas and glue it on!

Potatoes and sponges can do more than you think

Potatoes and sponges are a good and easy way to create your own patterned prints. All you need to do is take a potato or sponge and cut it to the shape you would like to print. You then cover it with your chosen paint and stamp it on some test paper. This will let you see how the print will look and gives you the chance to reshape your print if you don’t like it. Then get printing on your chosen canvas or paper in any pattern you like to create your own modern piece of art! 

Embrace nature!

Nature can be a great way of finding inspiration for a professional looking piece of art. One way you could use nature is to paint a canvas a block colour, leave it to dry and then place a leaf on top of it. Whilst the leaf is in place spray paint the canvas with a different colour to create a contrast. There you have a great piece of nature inspired artwork!Another example is a wall hanging that was inspired by a large branch. Kelly decided to cut tassles out of wool and glued them to the branch to create a modern wall hanging.  

Damaged goods can be good again

High street stores sometimes sell damaged items at a discounted price. Many people shy away from using damaged goods, but with a bit of creativity they can be good as new! For example, if the art is damaged you could use spray paint or paint to cover the damage. This can help you create a new piece of artwork at a fraction of the cost!

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