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Home styling on a budget

We spoke to interior designer, Kelly Jones, about her top tips for styling your home on a budget. With these tips it’s possible to keep the style without breaking the bank

  • Paint mixing – Coloured paint is usually more expensive than more plain colours, such as white, black and magnolia. This means you could buy a large pot of white and mix it with a smaller tin of colourful paint to make as many different shades of that colour as you wanted!
  • Up cycling furniture – This can be a much cheaper way of giving your room an entirely new look without having to buy new furniture. All you have to do is decide how you want your furniture to look, sand it back and then get painting. Your furniture will look completely new and different!
  • Damaged goods – In stores you can look for items that have been discounted due to being damaged. Sometimes you may find something at a much lower price when it only has minor damage. Even if it is noticeably damaged you could let your creative side out and use some paint to fix it.
  • Second hand goods – Try seeing if your local charity shop has what you are looking for. Sometimes you can find the exact accessory you want at a cheaper price.
  • Online – If you have the time to wait for items to be delivered, it’s always worth checking online. By looking online you can compare prices of web stores and high street stores to get the best price for you!


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