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Independent Scrutiny

Resident scrutiny is more than just another engagement activity. It is a way of giving residents greater influence, the ability to assess the impact of business decisions, and to examine the performance of their landlord. It enables staff and residents to work in partnership to achieve better performance, improved services for residents and helps influence Together Housing policy changes which impact the whole Group not just local teams.

What does a Tenant Scrutineer do?

Typically our scrutiny groups work on three projects a year and the activities they undertake varies widely depending on the scrutiny project. All projects will involve gathering customers’ views of our service. This may involve carrying out surveys, organising focus groups and workshops or chatting to customers individually to understand their story. Often the project will involve comparing Together Housing services to that of other landlords, looking at policies and processes so we can learn from others. This may involve going to visit other landlords, meeting other scrutiny groups or hosting visits to Together Housing.

Then we get the evidence, inspecting properties and grounds to ensure Together Housing are doing what we say we will do in their published service standards. The scrutiny group reaches its conclusions and makes recommendations in a report to Together Housing’s Operations Committee. Being involved is quite a commitment; the groups tend to meet every fortnight while carrying out a scrutiny review.

How can I get involved?

We have a core group of people involved and we are currently looking for more customers who would be interested in being part of the scrutiny process. It is a great chance to work with other residents and staff – talking about the things that matter to you and about how Together Housing provide our services. We will provide training and will meet reasonable expenses such as travel costs.

You can help us create changes for the better.

You can download our Information Booklet here.

If you would like more information on becoming a Scrutiny Member, please get in touch.

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