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Current Consultations

Current Consultations

We carry out face-to-face focus groups with tenants and residents to probe areas of poor performance and discuss how services can be improved

We currently have the following consultations available. 

WHAT - Improving communication with residents during the repairs process

WHY – In the last ‘STAR’ satisfaction survey, tenants told us that the two key areas that will most influence satisfaction are being kept informed, and dealing with repairs & maintenance. Some of the negative feedback from tenants relates to dissatisfaction with communication during the repairs process (lack of information, poor response, or jobs don’t get done.)

The top issue tenants believe Together could improve on is interaction & communication.
The majority of our complaints are around repairs and maintenance and keeping tenants informed throughout the repair process is a key theme.
This is also reflected in feedback from customers on our Facebook group.

HOW – we need to understand where improvements need to be made to communication and processes. A focus group is planned for March 20th 2018. This will be marketed specifically to those tenants who have responded to the Leadership Factor Survey, Rant & Rave repairs survey, and recent resident engagement survey, as well as being publicised via our new FB group and the website.

Please contact us below if you would like to take part it this focus group.

Improving -services -event 

WHAT – Supporting and promoting Tenant Responsible Repairs (TRR)

WHY – the Communications and Repairs teams are keen to gauge the response of tenants to the 10 ‘self help’ videos which are available via our website and social media. Feedback from tenants’ groups is that they don’t understand our TRR policy and how it is being implemented.

HOW – we are posting a short survey and a link to the videos on our Facebook group page, and canvassing a small number of tenants face to face. We will follow this up with a focus group to discuss what tenants do and don’t like about the videos, whether they are helpful, and to influence the content and design of future videos.

Please contact us below if you would like to take part it this focus group.

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