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Repair Priorities

Repair Priorities

Repair Priorities

Each repair request is assigned a priority based on the information you have provided. This priority will determine how quickly we respond to and how long we allocate to complete the repair.

  When Definition Examples (list not exhaustive)  Appointment Offered?
Priority 1 Attend within 24 hours A repair that requires making safe/repairing where there is immediate risk to life and/or a danger/risk to property. Severe leaks which can’t be contained, major electrical failure (not a power cut) / exposed live electrical wires. NO You will need to stay in until we visit
Priority 2 Complete within 28 days A repair that does not pose immediate risk to person or property and be carried out by appointment. Leaking radiator, dripping tap, kitchen drawer has become loose, extractor fan not working, window handle loose. YES An appointment will be offered
Priority 3 Complete within 90 days A repair that can be carried out as part of a programme of works. Blocked gutters, roofing work, repairs to footpaths NO Unless access is needed for us to carry out this repair
Gas Safety Check At least once every 12 months A gas safety check of Together Housing appliances and a visual check of any other installed gas appliances. N/A YES And you must be in when we visit


To find out more about the different priorities please take a look at the tabs below.

**Please note a Priority 1 repair MUST be reported by calling our customer service centre and should not be reported online

  • Priority 1
  • Priority 2
  • Priority 3

A Priority 1 repair is something that is likely to cause an immediate risk to life or injury to person and/or damage to property, if not attended to for us to make safe or complete within 24 hours.

If we need to call back to complete the repair we will let you know when this will be.

Please note a Priority 1 repair MUST be reported by ringing the customer service centre on the number shown above and should not be reported online.

When you report a Priority 1 repair, there are a number of factors which we take in to consideration, including:

  • The type of work
  • The weather conditions
  • The time of day or night
  • The day/weekend
  • Your individual circumstances

You may be asked a series of questions to help us indentify if your repair is a Priority 1. The following are examples of what is considered to be a Priority 1:

  • Flooding/severe water burst inside the property
  • Severe storm damage
  • Total loss of electricity supply
  • Exposed live wires
  • Breaches of security to outside doors & windows
  • Gas leak  

This list is by no means exhaustive and each request will be based on individual circumstances

**Remember you MUST phone us in case of a Priority 1 repair to your property.

If we do attend to your repair and it is not a genuine Priority 1, you may be recharged.


A Priority 2 scheduled repair will be completed within 28 calendar days and is not classed as a Priority 1. (A Priority 1 is something that is likely to cause an immediate risk to life or injury to person and/or damage to property) 

The following are examples of what is considered to be a Priority 2 scheduled repair and are general repairs including:

  • Toilet not flushing
  • Loose skirting boards
  • Patch plastering

This list is by no means exhaustive and each request will be based on individual circumstances. 


A Priority 3 repairs is a new priority that has been recently introduced for external works and has a target for completion within 90 calendar days.

The following are examples of external works which are considered to be a Priority 3 repair:

  • repairs to external fences
  • paths
  • external walls
  • works to guttering and downpipes
  • patch rendering which are relient on scaffold and often affected by the weather



You can find out more information in our Responsive Repairs Policy