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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our repairs service or need some help and advice

Why not take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below:

How do I know what repairs I am responsible for and what my landlord is responsible for?

Before ringing to report your repair you can check whether it is a repair that you or Together Housing is responsible for. You can check this using our websites and clicking on the Tenants/Landlord Responsibility tick list.

Please see the Tenant / Landlord’s (Together Housing) Repairs Responsibility Overview for further information.

The tick list provides guidance on what is and isn’t your responsibility and any exceptions to these circumstances.

What is the difference between a Tenant Responsible Repair and Tenants Own repairs?

A Tenant Responsible Repair is one where the repair is required as a result of damage caused by you, any household member, pets or visitors to your home or a third party to a Together Housing property either wilfully, by neglect, carelessness or misuse, see our websites for more details about Tenant Responsible Repair.

A Tenants own repair is one that could occur through genuine wear and tear and is not a fixture or fitting that Together Housing are responsible for repairing/maintain whatever the cause of the repair.

What if I can't or don't know how to get the repair I am responsible for repaired?

For those repairs identified as your responsibility you will need to organise for the repair to be carried out, you could ask family, friends and neighbours in the first instance if they are able to help you providing they have the experience, knowledge and right tools and materials to carry out the repair (the exception to this would be those repairs which require qualified tradesperson Electrical, Gas etc).

What if I don't have family or friends or neighbours who can help?

If you do not have any family, friends or neighbours who are able to help you then you should pay a qualified tradesperson/contractor to carry out the repair.

In the longer term Together Housing may develop a process where we are able to carry out the repair on your behalf. This offer will be subject to terms and conditions and it is likely that you will be asked to pay for the repair before a technician is dispatched.

What if the repair I'm requesting is dangerous?

If the repair you are requesting is dangerous and you do not have family, friend or neighbours or a tradesperson or contractor who can make the repair safe then Together Housing may be able to make the situation safe but will require payment up front before a Together Housing Technician will attend to carry out the repair.

What will happen if you fail to let us in to carry out the Repair or Gas Safety check
  • If you are not in for your appointment we will leave a card to inform you that we have called and your Repair request will be cancelled until you contact us again.
  • If you fail to provide access to your home for us to carry out your Gas Safety check or repair, Together Housing will take steps which may lead to forcing entry/taking legal proceedings against you.
  • Any costs incurred resulting from taking formal action will be charged to you.
Service Standards

Our aim is to provide tenants with a value for money, flexible and quality service across the Together Housing.

To make available a variety of options to report a repair and to offer an appointment that enables repairs to be completed.

To see the service standard on repairs click here

Appointment Slots

We have a team of technicians available to attend to your repair appointment between the following days/times:

All day:         8am - 4.45pm
Morning:        8am - 1pm
Afternoon:    12pm - 4.45pm

Appointments to avoid the school run:   9.30am - 2.30pm 

Please note, alternative appointments may be offered on a Saturday morning for a gas safety check by mutual arrangement.

When booking appointments please bear in mind that we will charge where you repeatedly fail to meet (or cancel appointments in good time).

Together Housing can recharge you for the costs incurred (including time & materials) as a result of the failed appointment, including any legal costs arising from the missed appointments.

Please help us by making sure that a person over the age of 18 is at home at the agreed appointment time when our technician arrives.

For your security please remember to ask the technician for their identification.

Repair Priorities

Each repair request is assigned a priority based on the information you have provided. This priority will determine how quickly we respond to and how long we allocate to complete the repair.

Click here for further information on Repair Priorities


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