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Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining and repairing your home is a responsibility that is shared between us as your landlord, and you as our tenant.

We will carry out repairs and maintenance to the structure of your home, including the outside and shared parts of your home which are caused by normal wear and tear. However, if any damage is caused by you, a member of your family, a pet or third party such as a visitor to your home we may charge you for the cost of repair.

We have produced a series of films which will help you with some minor repairs that you can do yourself - Visit our Caring for your Home page to view these helpful guides.

If you want to enquire about a repair that you have already reported, you can view your Repair History online, change and cancel your appointment.

To find out how we will deal with your repair, and what to expect from us, please see our Repairs and Maintenance Service Standard.

To log a repair, or find out more information please select a link below:

Your Responsibilities

Keeping your home in a good condition is a shared responsibility between you, and us, your landlord. By working together we can ensure your home is maintained to the highest possible standard.

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work, however if any damage is caused by you, a member of your family, a pet or third party such as a visitor to your home we may charge you for the cost of the repair. These are called Tenant Responsible Repairs, for example, we will charge you £144 to cover the cost of replacing an internal door if the damage is not due to usual wear and tear, or £48 to cover the cost of a replacement toilet seat. 

If we carry out a repair that is your responsibility, you will be charged as per our Tenants Responsible Repairs Policy.

Please ensure you have read our Tenants Responsible Repairs Policy by clicking the link below.

Reporting a repair

Reporting a repair can be quickly and easily done online.

Is there an immediate risk to life and/or a danger/risk to property?

These are repairs that present an immediate risks to your safety, security or health, for example, severe water leaks which can’t be contained, major electrical failure (not a power cut) / exposed live electrical wires.

To report a repair where there is risk to life or property, please call us immediately. Please call our Customer Service Centre for more information.

Report a repair - No immediate risk to person or property.

A repair that does not pose an immediate risk to person or property and can be carried out by appointment. These are repairs which you can reasonably live with for a short time without immediate risk to your safety or health, for example, a leaking radiator, dripping tap, a loose kitchen drawer, extractor fan not working, or a loose window handle.

Please report these repairs using our online repairs reporting service. This will allow us to clearly prioritise all repairs effectively and provide you with the appropriate response time.



Links & Help

Tenant Responsible Repairs

If the damage to your property has been caused by you, a member of your family a pet or a visitors to your home, either willfully, by neglect or by unauthorized improvements or modifications we will charge you in line with our Tenants Responsible Repairs Policy.

Contents Insurance

Together Housing Association does not insure your furniture, belongings, or decorations against theft, flood, fire, vandalism or burst pipes, we are only responsible for insuring the building (the bricks, walls and roof), it is up to you, as a tenant to protect yourself when it comes to insuring your contents.


Got a question about our repairs service? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Repair Priorities

Each repair request is assigned a priority based on the information you have provided. This priority will determine how quickly we respond to and how long we allocate to complete the repair.