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How do we decide what work we do?

How do we decide what work we do?

Giving your home a health check

To make sure we know the state of our properties, we carry out Stock Condition Surveys.

These surveys give us an indication of what types of works need to be carried out in a particular neighbourhood. Then, we visit individual properties to check your facilities, called a validation survey, to determine if you need any work doing on your property. This may mean that you and your neighbours have different types of work carried out.

How does the survey work?

If we need to carry out a validation survey in your home, we’ll contact you and a Surveyor will attend. The Surveyor will go around your home checking the actual age and condition of your facilities against what our records say. This survey information will be used to identify what work, if any, is to be carried out in your home. We’ll contact you again to let you know if any work is required.

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