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Making Alterations

Making Alterations

If you would like to make any alterations to your home you must first request permission from your landlord

Alterations can be either cosmetic or structural but in either case you must obtain written permission before carrying out any alterations or adaptations to the property.

Examples of cosmetic alterations would be:

  • Erecting a shed or greenhouse
  • Erecting fencing and gates
  • Laying laminate flooring
  • Replacing internal doors

Examples of structural alterations would be:

  • Replacement Kitchen or bathroom
  • Electrical alterations
  • Plumbing alterations
  • Replacement external doors and windows
  • Painting the exterior of the building
  • Removal of interior walls or any works to rearrange the internal layout of the property.

Consideration will be given to all requests for alterations however permission will be refused for the following reasons:

  • If the work is likely to reduce the value of the property, or make it less suitable for letting.
  • The affect that the alteration is likely to have on the neighbours or neighbourhood.
  • The affect tat the work is likely to have on the extent of the accomodation provided by the house
  • Cat flaps to external doors 

You can request permission by speaking to your Neighbourhood Officer, by requesting permission for your alterations online.


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