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Response to Grenfell Tower tragedy

Response to Grenfell Tower tragedy

We, like everyone in the housing sector, were horrified to hear of the fire in the London high rise tower block and our thoughts are with all those affected, their friends and their families.

This page will be used to collate our response to the on going Fire Safety investigations.

For the latest updates please click here.

In the case of a fire, dial 999. 

For any ongoing non-urgent queries around fire safety or if you have technical questions, please email

If you live in a high-rise block, owned by us:

In the unlikely event of you being asked to evacuate your flat (this would usually be requested by a member of the Fire Service), it is essential that the Fire Service are able to quickly locate persons that will require support to use the stairwell. 

If you require additional support, please click here to provide us with additional information so we can assist you in the event of a fire. 

Keeping your flat safe:

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 Click here to download our Fire Safety Poster



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harold Lambert Court, Sheffield, safe?

The cladding on Harold Lambert Court is not the same as the cladding on other buildings (ACM) and the BRE (who are carrying out safety tests for the government) have confirmed that it does not need testing.  We will be continuing to undertake fire safety work and are currently carrying out daily inspections.

What about Mixenden Court, Wheatley Court and Jumples Court?

Following confirmation that the cladding in Mixenden has failed government safety tests, we completely understand why tenants may have concerns and would like to reassure them that Together Housing always put the safety of our tenants first.

When will the cladding be removed?

We are working with our building consultant, Trident, to work out a plan to remove all of the aluminium cladding as soon as possible in a safe and effective manner.  This is a large operation and we need to plan it effectively to make sure the process is safe for the building and its residents and minimises disruption to residents.  We are working on the earliest date possible.

Will the insulation under the cladding be removed?

We believe that the insulation is non-combustible, however it will be checked in due course as part of our comprehensive fire safety review and we currently plan to remove it in the first phase of cladding removal.

Is the remainder of the building safe?

The issues that have been raised at a national level are with aluminium cladding, which is why this has been tested and will be removed.  The remaining elevations of the flats in Mixenden do not have cladding, but render. 
We have no reason whatsoever to believe that there is any danger in the
render, but this will be reviewed as part our comprehensive review into fire

Why are you still advising residents to stay put in a fire?

Together Housing have reviewed and updated all of the risk assessments associated with Mixenden high-rise properties and have worked closely with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue to ensure they are satisfied with the work we have done.  In the case of a fire, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service have a detailed response plan, however this relies on tenants remaining in their flats and only evacuating when the Incident Commander decides that is the best course of action.

If you live in one of our high-rise properties you should have already been asked to answer the questions on this form.  If you've not already done so, please complete this as this will help the Fire Service assess who needs support to evacuate.

Can tenants move out of their high-rise property?

Together Housing will not be evacuating the properties as the advice we have received suggests that there is no significant danger to tenants remaining in their properties.  Together Housing, like all landlords, welcome applications to all of our properties and will process any application in line with our usual processes.  We would re-iterate, however, that there is no need for tenants to consider moving out.

Tenants with concerns in houses and other non-clad properties:

Apart from Mixenden Court, Wheatley Court, Jumples Court and Harold Lambert Court, none of our properties have cladding.  However, wherever you are living, taking fire safety precautions should always be a top priority and we encourage all our customers to play their part in keeping their properties safe.  Residents in high-rise or low-rise blocks should be aware of the fire evacuation procedures in their flat and block and all tenants should have an escape route planned for if there were a fire in their flat or house.  Residents should keep communal areas clear of rubbish or clutter and avoid using potentially faulty electrical appliances.  More information on preventing fires is available at   

As part of our review into fire safety, we will be meeting with tenants in non-clad high-rise buildings in the near future to answer any questions they may have.  Further details will be available shortly on this page.

For tenants who still do not feel reassured:

If tenants have any concerns at all they should speak to our dedicated fire safety team in the first instance.  They can be contacted via or, if you don’t have access to email, via our contact centre on 0300 555 5557.  They should also look out for staff monitoring their buildings or at drop-ins.