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Caring For Your Home

Caring For Your Home

Caring for your home is a shared responsibility

To help you care for your home, we’ve made 5 new help videos and leaflets. 

Click on the links below to view the videos and download the leaflets.

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Managing Condensation

There’s always some moisture in the air, even if you can’t see it. If the air gets colder, it can’t hold all the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. This is condensation and the most likely cause of damp. The two main causes of condensation are a lack of heating and poor ventilation. If you follow these tips, it will help you keep your home condensation and mould-free.

Dealing With Water Leaks

Dripping taps, burst pipes, leaking radiators are just some of the typical causes of water leaks in the home. Some leaks are slow and stay hidden for a long time. Others happen very quickly and cause major flooding. Even a minor leak can damage your home and possessions. It’s important you know what to do if you have an emergency water leak.

Don’t Be A Blocker!

It’s never a good idea to flush or pour waste down toilets, sinks and drains which should go in the bin.

You can easily cause a blockage.

Sometimes we don’t think about what we’re doing, but blockages are inconvenient and expensive to clear. Only 3 things should be flushed down a toilet - number ones, number twos and toilet paper. Don’t Be A Blocker!

Replacing A Toilet Seat

Together Housing will carry out repairs and maintenance to the structure of your home, including the outside and shared parts of your home, which are caused by normal wear and tear. Tenants are responsible for doing some simple repairs and home maintenance.

A full list of tenant responsible repairs is available here (XLS).

Together Housing will charge for the cost of replacing a toilet seat. This video shows you how to replace a toilet seat. Please see downloadable help sheet for guidance on safety and tools required.

Keeping Warm – Saving Money

About three quarters of your energy bill comes from keeping your home warm and running hot water. If you don’t set up your heating properly, you could waste money. Switching heating on at a high temperature and then switching off when it gets too warm is actually more expensive than keeping the heating on constantly at a medium temperature. In cold weather, keep the heating on low as much as possible, even when you are not at home. This will help to stop condensation and will also help prevent pipes freezing.