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Making alterations

Making alterations

If you rent from us and would like to make any alterations to your home you must first obtain permission.

Alterations can be either cosmetic or structural, but in either case you must obtain written permission before carrying out any works to your property.

Examples of alterations would be:

Cosmetic alterationsStructural Alterations

Erecting a shed or greenhouse

Replacement kitchen or bathroom

Erecting fencing and gates

Electrical alterations

Laying laminate flooring

Plumbing alterations

Replacing internal doors

Replacement of external doors and windows


Painting the exterior of the building


Removal of interior walls or any works to rearrange the internal layout of the property

Consideration will be given to all requests for alterations however permission will be refused for the following reasons:

  • If the work is likely to reduce the value of the property, or make it less suitable for letting.
  • If the alteration has any affect on your neighbour or to the neighbourhood.
  • If the alteration is likely to have a negative impact on the accomodation provided by the house.
  • If the required alteration is a cat flap to an external door.

If you are making an adaptation to your home due to a disability, for example, grab rails or installing a stair lift, please click here to read our guidance on making adaptations to your home.

You can request permission to make an alteration by speaking to your Neighbourhood Officer, or through Your Account.