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Moving in checklist

Moving in checklist

Before you collect your keys, a little bit of planning will go a long way – and save you a lot of stress too.

This useful checklist will make it easier to tackle the big move. You can download this checklist by clicking here.

4–6 weeks before movingNotesComplete

Confirm the date you’ll be moving in. We will normally provide you this date when we agree your tenancy with us.


If you are currently living in rented accomodation, give your current landlord notice.


Make sure you have the time off from work.


Organise your removal. Will you use a removal company, or enlist the help of family and friends?


If you’ve not done so already, sort out your home insurance and make sure you have the right protection in place for you and your family.

Click here for information on our Tenants Insurance.


Either buy packing boxes or start collecting them, along with any bubble wrap you might need.

Pack non-essential items, labelling each box so you know where it needs to go.


Inform friends and family of your change of address, and make any contact service providers (eg Mobile Phone) aware.


Clear out anything you don’t need.


Start thinking about the furniture you need – some new furniture may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.


Arrange parking permits for your new property (if necessary).


Make arrangements for any pets during the move.



2 weeks to goNotesComplete

Arrange to pay Council Tax with your new local authority by giving them your moving-in date and if applicable cancel it on your existing property.


If you want your post redirected, Royal Mail do this for a small charge.


Start packing things you won’t need before your move.


Start running down your freezer contents.


Arrange to take over the phone in your new home. Contact the line operator to see if you can keep the line switched on and avoid any reconnection charges.



1 week to goNotesComplete

Pack everything apart from things you will need between now and the move.


Parking – check with the neighbours at both properties so there’ll be room for you to park and unload your boxes on the day.


Defrost fridges and freezers.


Confirm your moving in date with your current – and your new – gas, electricity, water and telephone/internet/satellite companies. Make sure you have all agreements in writing.


Put all important and valuable items in a safe, easily accessible place.


Ask the previous owners to show you where the gas, electricity and water meters are – and where you can find the fuse box and stop cocks. Get them to label all the window and door keys and leave them in one place so you can find them easily.



Day before moveNotesComplete

Pack a moving day box of essentials.


Make sure you have settled milk and paper bills.



On moving dayNotesComplete

Clean your existing property – but don’t forget, you’ll need to clean your new home too.


Arrange to have your keys handed to your landlord (if in rented property).


Ensure you have all keys for locks, doors and windows to your new home.


Take meter readings at both your old and new property.


Find out which day the dustbins are emptied at your new property – ask your local council or neighbours.

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