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Moving out of your property

Moving out of your property

Leaving your home in a good condition.

Every year we spend thousands of pounds clearing properties of rubbish and belongings left by tenants. This is money we could spend on local communities, improving homes and building new homes.

When you move out you should leave your home in good condition. The following video explains how to leave a property in a good condition, so you won’t be charged the cost for us to put it right for the next tenant.

If you don't leave your home in a good condition, you may be charged for any repair work that is needed after you've left if it is thought to be your fault.

We will arrange to visit your property when you give notice. This allows us to talk to you about the process of ending your tenancy, as well as allowing us to inspect the property and start making our own preparations to re-let the property.

You are expected to leave the property in a condition that is ready for the next tenant. This means:

  • Leaving it clean and clear of rubbish and unwanted items:
  • repairing any damage;
  • Replacing anything you have removed or changed that was part of the property (please check with your Neighbourhood Officer if unsure)
  • Leaving the garden clear and tidy
  • Returning all sets of keys