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Tenures Explained

Tenures Explained

We offer a number of different schemes to help you find a new home.

Shared Ownership (new build)

Shared Ownership means you buy a share in a property and pay a rent and service charge on the share you don't own. Because the rent is reduced and the mortgage you need is smaller, it's cheaper than buying it outright.

In most cases, you've got the option to buy more shares in the future, so you could eventually own 100% of your home.

Shared Ownership (resales)

As well as brand new homes, we are also involved in the sale when a resident of one of our Shared Ownership homes decides to move on.

You buy their share from them, and pay rent and service charge in the same way as if you bought a new property from us. Purchasers must meet the same eligibility criteria as buying a brand new home.

Rent to Buy

If buying isn't right for you, some of our homes are available for straight forward rent.

These homes are available at 80% of the Market Rent enabling you to save a deposit for your first home.