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Stress-free Christmas shopping

Stress-free Christmas shopping

Christmas is a time for celebrations with loved ones but there can be many dangers that you might not notice. As you begin your Christmas shopping it’s important to stay alert for a safe and happy festive season. 

Lynne Sutton, Together Housing Health and Safety Coordinator, says that it’s easy to get distracted when doing your Christmas shopping: “We’re often loaded down with lots of bags and distracted by the rest of the busy shoppers, which makes us easy targets to pickpockets. Just remember to have your full attention on your belongings, and try to keep one hand free. Ladies – if you have a cross-body handbag, these are the most secure.”

Children can be easily distracted by exciting toys and pretty decorations, Lynne says: “It’s best to avoid taking children into busy shopping areas. If you do take them with you, make sure they stay close by all times and advise them exactly what to do if they get lost, tell the nearest shop assistant and never leave without you.

“After leaving a shopping centre we can easily be tricked into thinking we’re safe out of the crowds, but we should also be careful when choosing where to park. It might be dark once you’ve finished shopping, so choose a well-lit space in a secure area and you’ll be thankful later. It’s always advisable to reverse into parking spaces if possible. Have your keys ready before you reach the vehicle and lock any shopping bags safely away in your boot and keep them out of sight.”