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Stay well this winter

Stay well this winter

Winter is upon us, and along with the festive period comes the cold nights. Winter can be a harmful time of year as it weakens the immune system and increases the risks of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and chest infections. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are lots of ways you can prepare for the cold weather.

Rebecca Morris, a Community Nurse, tells us how she stops the cold weather from dampening her spirits: “There’s loads of ways to stay healthy this winter and the best place to start is at home. I try and remember one simple thing – keep warm, keep well!

“To keep warm in winter you should heat your home to at least 18°c, heating your house at the right temperature can even help you save money. If you’re unsure how to set the right temperature Together Housing’s video shows you exactly how.”

Keeping your house warm is a great start, but it’s sometimes easy to get caught up by a cold. Rebecca says: “If you notice any signs of a cold you should visit your pharmacist straight away, it’s better to get advice before it gets serious.”

“If you really want to stay healthy this winter you should get the flu jab, it’s the best way of keeping that nasty illness away, and it’s especially important for older and more vulnerable people. If you have any worries about your health over winter you can always visit your local pharmacy or GP, or even take a look on the NHS website.”

The NHS Stay Well This Winter campaign can help you and your family prepare for winter. Visit for more information.