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Safety out and about

Safety out and about

When we’re heading outdoors in winter we need to prepare for bad weather conditions without letting them ruin our journey. Together Housing Health and Safety Coordinator Lynne Sutton tells us how she gets ready: “I always pop the radio on before setting off in my car to listen for any accidents or bad road conditions.

“I set off in good time to reach my destination because I know it can be safer to drive slow in some bad weather, and my car needs fully defrosting before I can set off. As with all travel I make sure my phone is fully charged so that I can contact somebody in an emergency. If the weather is extreme I stay off the roads altogether – it’s just not worth the risk.”

Safety out and about isn’t just for drivers. Slips, trips and falls are easily done when you’re walking about. Lynne says: “Wearing sturdy shoes or boots with a good grip will keep your toes nice and warm and could even save you from slipping. It might sound silly but watch where you’re walking; it’s easy to slip on some ice that you didn’t notice. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.”

The dark nights get earlier and earlier as winter draws in, but Lynne has a few tips to stay safe when the moon is out: “Avoid walking home in the dark if possible, and stay in a group if it is necessary. Stick to well-lit and well-used areas and be aware of your surroundings. You should make sure a friend or family member knows exactly where you’re going and your approximate time of arrival.”

Bob Snashall, a Together Housing tenant, says: “I like to have a sensor light outside my front door, that way I know if anybody is approaching, but it also helps me get in safely on a night.”

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