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Christmas parties

Christmas parties

As the festive season starts and the good times begin to roll, it’s more important than ever to make your safety your priority. Christmas parties are aplenty and the drinks are often flowing, so prepare to make your celebrations memorable for all the right reasons.

Lynne Sutton, Together Housing Health and Safety Coordinator says: “Don’t get too caught up in all the fun, it seems like common sense but it’s easy to forget when you’re having a good time.

“If someone you don’t know offers to buy you a drink, you should accompany them to the bar to make sure nothing is added to your drink, or politely say no thanks. Even when buying your own drinks, don’t let them out of sight.”

Parties can be fun but Lynne recommends drinking in moderation: “We all know our own limits, so don’t get carried away trying to keep up with your friends. When celebrating with friends old and new, avoid going home with anybody that you’ve only just met, no matter how nice they seem. Remember to trust your instincts too, if you feel uneasy about someone then there’s probably a reason – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Plan ahead before you go out and know how you intend to get home. Ideally we should book taxis in advance to ensure a safe journey home, but we aren’t all so organised. When your night’s drawing to a close, ask a member of staff or a trusted friend to call a taxi that will pick you up right outside the venue. When you’re in your taxi remember to sit in the back, if you feel uneasy with the driver you can ask them to stop at a closer, safe and familiar place.”