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Winter fire safety

Winter fire safety

Christmas is a special time for celebration, but with all the glimmering lights, extra cooking and festive mindset, it’s also a time to be aware of fire hazards. The chance of accidental fire in the home increases over the Christmas period, with more occurring during December than any other time of year.

Check the halls

Prevention Manager Karina Gonzalez from Halifax Fire Station says that being alert can prevent accidental fires: “As the nights get darker many people use candles to make their homes feel cosy, just remember to keep them away from flammable materials and put them out before leaving the room”

“Extension leads and fairy lights are another big worry around Christmas, check your electrical items for the correct safety marks and don’t get carried away overloading plug sockets, they can quickly overheat and lead to serious fires.”

“The main thing to remember is to turn everything off on a night. Make it a habit to blow out your candles and turn off the lights before tucking into bed.”

Safe exit routes

 Charles Fagg, a Together Housing tenant, says you should be aware of exits for the safety of you and other tenants: “I make sure my corridors and doorways are always clear, so that I can have a safe and easy exit in an emergency. You shouldn’t leave clutter or pushchairs in hallways as they’re a big fire hazard.”

Keys, money, straighteners

Many of us do a lot of drinking in December, so it’s important to prepare for your big nights out and enjoy the festive fun safely. Drink and drug-related behaviour can increase the risk of fire fatalities in the home so if you’re heading out of the house in a hurry, or getting home late, don’t forget to switch off any electronics, as well as stubbing out cigarettes and blowing out candles.

Out of the frying pan...

If you’re feeling peckish after a night of celebrations, popping some chicken nuggets into the oven could be a dangerous idea. Falling asleep with your oven, grill or hob in use could end in a disaster if it catches fire. Switch your takeaway for a fakeaway and let the chefs do the cooking!

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