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Child safety

Child safety

Winter can be full of fun and adventure for children, but it can also pose potential dangers. With tons of exciting outdoor activities, prepare your children for the cold weather and they can enjoy winter safely.

Neighbourhood Officer Lee Barrett says the best way to protect your children from the cold is to dress them properly before sending them out to play: “Dressing your children in several layers of clothing will keep them nice and cosy. Did you know you can lose up to half of your body heat through your head? A hat will help them retain body heat, and a good pair of gloves to keep their fingers nice and warm.

“The nights get dark very fast in winter so you should check on your children regularly and never let them play outside alone. You know what they say – safety in numbers.

“The best part of the winter weather has got to be the snow! Sledging can be so much fun, but children should be careful to avoid injuries. They should hold on to their sledge securely, look for shallow slopes and stay well away from roads or paths.

 “Keeping warm and looking out for each other is the best way to enjoy winter, but most importantly, have fun!”