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Be a good neighbour

Be a good neighbour

Cold weather can be a worry in later life. Older people are much more vulnerable to the cold and can feel isolated at this time of year. There are plenty of easy ways you can help your older neighbours stay safe and happy this winter.

Charles Fagg, a Together Housing tenant, cares for his older neighbours during winter: “I visit my elderly neighbours over winter to check that they’re okay. I offer them help going to the shop, making a hot meal and keeping warm, I also make sure their houses are safe and secure.

“Older people often get lonely in the winter months and I like to help them. I grit their pathways and clear slippy leaves off of the ground so they can get about without worrying about falling – I like to save the leaves for my compost bin and grow my own vegetables.”

Neighbourhood Officer Lee Barrett says it’s important to look out for your neighbours during winter: “There are plenty of small things you can do to help your neighbours this winter: pop in and check that they’re okay, help them to pick up prescriptions, make sure they have basic food items, and encourage them to keep warm.

“A close community can help each other through anything. Older people often struggle through the winter months, but it’s quick and easy to let someone know that you care. You might just make their day!”