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Over the next few months, we will be asking all our residents to check their personal details we have in our records and update them where necessary.
It’s really important that the information we have about you is correct. You’ll have given your personal details when you signed up for your tenancy. But over time, these details may have changed, especially your mobile phone number and email address.

Privacy and Data Protection
We take your privacy and the security of your personal information seriously. We only collect information from you that we need to manage your tenancy, provide you with services and respond to your enquiries. More information about how we keep your personal data secure and comply with data protection legislation is available in our Privacy Notice here.

Contact Information
If we need to contact you, say about a repair appointment you’ve made, we need to have your correct phone number and email address. Is the contact information we have about you correct?

Personal Information
Your record also contains more personal information you may have given us about your ethnicity or any disabilities you may have. We collect this personal information from you to make sure that we treat you fairly by complying with our responsibilities under equality laws and our own policies.

Other Information
We also record other information about you such as your employment status and whether you can access the internet. This kind of information helps us to develop and deliver new services for our residents. We understand that this kind of information about you can change frequently, so that’s why we’re asking you to help us by checking your record is up to date.

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