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Adapting your home

Adapting your home

Are you, or is anyone in your household, disabled? Or do you have a visual or hearing impairment?

If you feel that you need some assistance you can either contact your GP or Social Services. They can then refer you for an assessment with a qualified Therapist. 

They can advise you about getting free equipment through social services  - like a walking frame, bath seat, or things to make washing or eating easier. 

And they can talk to you about getting your home fitted with specialist adaptations to make it more suitable.  This could include minor work like a grab-rail, or bigger things like a new bath or a stair lift. 

For larger jobs, you will need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to cover the cost of these works.

You can apply for this grant by contacting your Local Authority Social Services for a self referral. Alternatively, you can go to your GP or other medical professional and ask for a referral.

Once your grant is agreed, you must contact us before proceeding to approve any works on our property.


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