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Who are abusers and where does it happen?

Who could abuse you?
It could be someone close to you, such as a relative, friend, spouse, partner, member of staff or someone you don’t know so well. Sometimes the person causing the harm won’t mean it. Others will deliberately cause harm.

Most people will not abuse you, but always tell someone if you think this is happening to you or someone you know.

Where could someone abuse you?
Most places will be safe but if someone is causing harm, it could happen anywhere;

  • In your own home;
  • In a care home, nursing home or day centre;
  • In hospital;
  • At work;
  • At a club

Any form of abuse can be deliberate, or be the result of either ignorance, or lack of training, knowledge or understanding. Often if a person is being abused in one way, they are also being abused in other ways.

Supporting You Safeguarding Toolkit Who are abusers and where does it happen?