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Young Person's Guide to Being Online

Young Person's Guide to Being Online

Even if you've been online since birth, there's still a lot about the internet and computing you don't know.

Some of these resources will help. They are not maintained or created by Together Housing, so it's up to you which ones you use. These resources are just a guide; if you are concerned about your safety, please make sure you speak to a trusted professional for advice.

If you are worried about how someone is behaving towards you online someone online STOP, step away and then report it.  In an emergency or if you think you are in immediate danger always dial 999.

Make a report to CEOP (Police)

Being bullied?  Get help here.

Guides on safety from ThinkUKnow

Safety Resources from UK Safer Internet Centre

Become a Barclays "DigiSafe Cadet" at their coding playground


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