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Are you getting all your benefits?

Are you getting all your benefits?

Welfare Benefit Advisors at Together Housing can help you to sort out benefits issues

The benefit system can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming. In some cases you may not know what to claim or how to make a claim. You may have had a change in circumstances such as moving into or out of work, family changes or illness/disability and now know what to claim or how to do it. You may also have difficulties sorting out a benefits issue and don’t know who to ask.

This is where our Welfare Benefits Advisors can help. We can:

  • Advise you on benefits to live on and to help pay your rent
  • Advise you how and when to make a claim
  • Advise and assist with sorting out any difficulties that mean you’re short of money or have difficulty paying your rent

Our advice if you’re on Universal Credit

  • Always check your journal and keep it updated
  • Attend all your appointments at the Jobcentre
  • If you have any questions or concerns about Universal Credit or if you’re getting into rent arrears, get in touch. If we know about it we can try to help.

If you need help with Universal Credit or other benefits, text BENEFITS HELP  or UC HELP to 66099 and one our expert advisors will contact you.