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From a frontline nurse to a couple of delivery workers, our residents from the Lancashire town of Barnoldswick are among the key workers keeping the country running while the rest of us are sitting tight at home. 

Angela and Lee Smith usually live with their daughter Jasmin Wilson but she is currently staying in student accommodation while she has been posted to a Covid-19 ward at Leeds General Infirmary. 

Angela And Lee Smith

Jasmin, 21, who studied Health and Social Work Professions at Nelson and Colne College, said: “I began my year of work on a stroke rehabilitation ward but I am caring for COVID-19 patients at the moment. 

“My colleagues are brilliant, and while it is challenging work, it is very fulfilling. 

“I’ve wanted to be a nurse ever since my mum was seriously ill a few years ago and seeing the level of care she received during that period really inspired me to go down the nursing career pathway.”

Angela And Lee Smith 's Daughter Jasmin Wilson (2)

Angela, 50, added: Jasmin has decided to stay in student accommodation due to the nature of her job. I’m really proud of her, but worried for her at the same time. We video call every day to see how she is and I’m looking forward to when it is safe to see her in person again.”

A couple of doors down, postwoman Claire Dodd and her husband Matt, who is a postman as well as an NHS volunteer, live with daughter Megan 13 and son Harvey, eight. 

Claire said: “It feels very strange going out to work when everybody else is stuck indoors. Afirst we felt very uncomfortable, not knowing what was going on and worried we could bring the virus home to the kids. 

“We haven’t been allowed to van share due to social distancing measures so half the team have set off on foot with trollies but we’ve been very lucky with the weather. Its starting to feel more normal now but we are extremely busy with parcels. In fact, we’re busier than Christmas with only half the staff, due to people selfisolating and illness. 

It feels like people have a new found respect for postmen and woman. lot of people have come up to us to tell us we are doing a good job. We have known people to leave snacksdrinks and notes on their doorsteps, Matt has had a couple of yummy cakes made for him. Makes us feel like we are valued in what we are doing during these very hard and testing times. 

There is a real sense of community spirit with people pulling together when needed. We have some friends that are in total selfisolation for 12 weeks for health reasons, so we are doing shopping and everyday tasks as much as we can for them. We also ask our other friends and neighbours if they need anything as we are out.  

Home schooling is very testing. Its hard going to work and getting home shattered and then trying to do school work. We try and fit it in when we can. 

“We’re missing seeing family very much, especially our older kids Josh and Ellie who don’t live with us anymore. We also miss simple things like going shopping together, we used to go the cinema and go out for meals so missing that too. We did have a two-week holiday booked to Turkey, which obviously we were all very much looking forward to but can’t go on anymore. Just miss life as we knew it. 

It has definitely made us realise life is short and not to take anything for granted. It’s been nice to spend more time with the kids and forcing us to spend so much time together has made us realise what a strong family unit we are.”

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