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We have recently undertaken a review of services charges. We consulted with residents about our draft policy and the key things that residents told us were:

  • to provide clearer and easy-to-understand information about charges
  • to provide an itemised breakdown of the services to each resident to explain exactly what services each resident receives
  • to explain what to do if residents are not satisfied with their services.

 In response we have:

  • developed new frequently asked questions to improve the information we give to you about service charges
  • explained the main services we charge for
  • separated some charges that had previously been grouped together
  • renamed some headings to make them clearer
  • provided a short description of what is covered under each heading
  • explained how to contact us if you want more explanation.

Depending on the services we provide in your area, some of these charges may or may not apply to you. Your personalised service charge statement will set out an itemised list of all the charges that apply to you.

The frequently asked questions and our policy which sets out our overall approach to service charges are available here.

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