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Benefit Advice

Benefit Advice

Are you out of work, sick or disabled or in work on a low wage?

Do you want to know what benefits you could claim or are you having problems with your benefits?

Our benefits calculator  can give you an idea of what benefits you could be entitled to claim.

We have Welfare Benefit Officers to advise and support you with benefits issues.  They may be able to:

  • Advise you of benefits you may be entitled to
  • Help with some benefit claims
  • Talk to benefit offices on your behalf
  • Help you with appeals
  • Apply to charitable grants and trusts eg for furniture or household goods

If you would like a benefits check or further help and advice, click on the link below and a member of our Welfare Benefit Team will contact you. 

If your circumstances change please inform all the agencies dealing with your claim and make sure you repeat the calculations to see if you are entitled to more or less help.