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Rent from us

Rent from us

We offer a range of rental options, whether you are looking to rent on the open market, have a urgent housing need, or require specialist housing.


Rent directly from us

We offer properties direct to the rental market available at market rates. You can search and view all our available properties here.

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Specialist housing

We provide a range of specialist housing for over 50s, people with learning needs, or those facing homelessness.

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Are you in urgent housing need?

If you are in urgent housing need, and want to join our Choice Based Letting waiting list, please click here.

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Retirement living

We recognise that as our customers get older, they want something more than just a home to live in.

Many older people want the assurance of living in a safe, secure and easy to manage home with facilities for socialising and this is where our Retirement Living homes are ideal.

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