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That’s one of the main findings of our Go Green Together survey. 83.9% of residents said it’s important that Together Housing reduces carbon emissions from its homes.

Climate change is a big issue and we have plans to reduce carbon emissions from our homes and our operations. To explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, we’ve created Go Green Together – our new communication and engagement campaign.

Residents’ support is vital if we’re going to be successful in putting our plans into action. But what do residents think about climate change and how Together Housing should respond? To help us develop Go Green Together, we wanted to hear residents’ attitudes, concerns and expectations on a range of issues.

Some of the other main findings include:

  • Residents have a good level of awareness, interest and understanding of climate change.
  • A very high proportion are doing ‘green’ activities such as recycling used materials, reducing their use of plastic and upcycling old products.

As a thank you for sharing their views, residents were invited to enter a lucky draw with 3 chances to win £50 in shopping vouchers. We also committed to donate to the National Trust to plant new trees.

Congratulations to one of the winners, Nicola Everill in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who said: “My opinion on the climate crisis is that it is severe and happening right now, we can see the effects internationally with more severe weather, floods and wildfires, the melting of glaciers. I climbed Mount Kebnekaise which was the highest mountain in Sweden when I was 17, because of climate change the glacier has melted so much since that the peak I climbed is no longer the highest peak!”

Congratulations also to our two other winners in the Blackburn area. Thank you to everyone who gave us their views on this important subject.

If you would like to get involved with Go Green Together, please get in-touch by e-mail:

You can read the results of our survey here.

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