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Why we keep your details on file

We need some personal information from you so that we can deliver our services. In our business as a social landlord this includes for instance:

  1. Letting our homes
  2. Collecting rent
  3. Making repairs appointments and carrying them out
  4. Giving Welfare Benefits and other types of advice
  5. Dealing with anti social behavior (ASB) on our estates, preventing and detecting crime
  6. Making sure our services are delivered fairly

In some cases, such as ASB and service monitoring, the information we use is classified as “sensitive” under the Data Protection Act.

How we collect your details

This website uses “cookies” simply to recognize who you are when you come back again, and to remember your web preferences. We also feed basic usage details through to “Google Analytics” so we can improve our websites. Details on the cookies we use can be found here.

When you apply for a property from us we will collect information from you so that we can assess the priority of your case. If we consider offering you a property we will ask for details of your finances to make sure you can pay the rent.

When you apply for a property and when you sign up for a tenancy, you may need to tell us personal information about members of your family and household. We will assume that you are giving it with their knowledge and consent.

When you become a customer of ours, we collect ongoing information from you on various forms, on our websites and through contact with you via telephone, letters and email. Calls to and from our 0300 numbers are recorded; also many of our properties are protected by CCTV.

When we share your information

At all times we will take care of your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will never share your information with others unless there are good, legal reasons for us to do so.

There are times when it is in your interest for us to share your information, and times when it is required by law. The kinds of organizations we share information with include local authorities (councils), the police, utility companies and contractors working on our properties.

You should be aware that we will provide your current address to utility companies, local authorities and legitimate debt-collectors, as required by law.

Any Questions?

If you would like a copy of our full Data Protection Policy, or if you have any questions about what personal information we hold for you and what we do with it, please contact us using the form below.

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