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TRIO – The Responsibility Is Ours

TRIO – The Responsibility Is Ours


Hi, my name is Justin and I am a tenant of Together Housing living in a high rise block of flats in Halifax.

Following the horrible fire at Grenfell, there were many questions I and other tenants had, that needed answering. This blog is to share what was found out. Hopefully it will be used by other Together Housing tenants to share thoughts, views, safety tips and information to help people stay safe.

After Grenfell, Together Housing came out to our flats, and all the others, and we had a coffee morning with them so people could ask their questions. From this successful meeting we felt safer but we know others who have had to deal with having unsafe cladding removed. Later on, I was fortunate enough with a tenant from another block, to be invited to join the Together Housing Fire Safety Policy and Procedures Group (FSPPG).

I must admit I felt this may have just be a way for Together Housing to be seen as involving tenants…how wrong I was! They actually wanted suggestions and feedback, good or bad. They wanted to know what their tenants felt, what they thought was working and what needed improving.

This blog will give updates of these meetings and hopefully it will grow with other tenants from other blocks/houses adding their info.

Update on first meeting

The two hour meeting over-ran due to so much being shared from different departments of Together Housing. There were representatives from: fire safety, repairs, extra care, risk assessment, assets and housing officers. Everyone had their own area of expertise and it was great to be able to get an answer from any department which made the meeting work really well.

My own thoughts were that everyone in the room had their own guidelines they had to follow but ultimately the safety of the tenants was at the centre. No matter how many letters they send out, campaigns they run and posters they put up, ultimately the responsibility is shared between us all. No one is psychic and we all need to work together. There are some areas that Together Housing will have to make a decision on that will not be accepted by all, but they have guidelines too.

In the meeting, I came up with the idea for this TRIO blog – The Responsibility Is Ours. Everyone has an important part to play in keeping us all safe.

I am going to the next Fire Group meeting over the summer and I will write a blog about it. I am also getting involved in some activities to help Together Housing to promote fire safety and to develop its fire safety plans.

I hope you find my blog useful, please look out for my next one in a couple of months.

Remember TRIO – The Responsibility Is Ours

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Justin is a tenant of Together Housing living in a high rise block of flats in Halifax

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