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TRIO and Compliance Team Roadshow

TRIO and Compliance Team Roadshow

This month has seen the start of TRIO and Together Housing’s Compliance Team jointly visiting high-rise blocks and retirement living schemes in Lancashire and Yorkshire. In these sessions, the Compliance Team gives a very informative presentation on their responsibilities, how they have grown as a team and their look forward into the future. They have come across as a transparent team that cares about the policies and procedures that are in place to keep tenants safe. Broadly, they cover lifts, fire, electrics, water, and check that outside agencies adhere to the high standards set by Together Housing.


TRIO – The Responsibility Is Ours - is a tenant initiative which believes that everyone has a responsibility to carry out their own responsibilities to keep themselves and others safe. TRIO also believes the landlord, the fire brigade, social services etc., also have a responsibility to keep tenants safe.

TRIO stresses the importance for all tenants who live in a tower block to think about whether they could get outside safely and unaided if they were told by the fire brigade to evacuate immediately, without using the lifts. If the answer to this is no, tenants are urged to pass this information onto Together Housing, either by ringing them or contacting their neighbourhood officer. To help with this, all occupants of high-rise blocks will be contacted in either January or February and asked to share any relevant information.

It is also important to share this advice with friends and neighbours so the fire brigade has the most up-to-date information at hand. They don’t need to know your name or personal details, they just need to know that flat 73, for example, can’t get out or flat 14 has oxygen. As tenants’ capabilities change, these need to be passed on to update the system.

If a resident, or a friend of a tenant, believes that someone could do with a bit more help to stay safe, the fire service offers free ‘Safe and Well’ visits to vulnerable tenants. A tenant can ask for this direct to the fire service or a referral can be sent by the neighbourhood officer. These visits can also be very useful for tenants who have hearing aids and normally remove them at night. In West Yorkshire, there is a free system available through the fire service called a Fire Angel to help tenants who can’t hear the smoke alarms.

Following a tea break, the meeting then covers any other issues that the tenants may have. Together Housing have provided staff from different departments to attend these roadshows. The topics raised have covered all areas, from loud noise late at night to repair problems etc. It was great to witness the staff from Together Housing listening to each problem and then agreeing a way forward with the tenant to resolve the issue, with a promise of a follow up to see how things have gone.

If you see a poster saying we are coming to your block, please take the time to attend, you’ll find it interesting and you will be listened to with a brew.

Article by: Justin (Together Housing Resident)

Justin is a tenant of Together Housing living in a high rise block of flats in Halifax.

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