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'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'

'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'

'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'

This famous saying was evident at our most recent TRIO session.  

We had arranged two sessions at a block of flats in Halifax, one in the day and another at 6.30pm. Sadly only 3 people turned up for the first session and one of those opened up the community room for us! I left wondering if people really wanted TRIO. 

But fantastically, the room was full at the evening session! After a brief introduction it was time to listen. Although primarily we had set up the event as a fire safety session to encourage people to inform Together Housing if they would be unable to evacuate unassisted in a fire, and to show some short safety videos, other problems were also expressed by the tenants to do with anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

I believe we achieved a lot that night. 

Firstly, the block is going to have its own TRIO Champion which is brilliant.

Secondly, we realised that a lot of people in the flats had read the letters asking them to inform Together Housing if they couldn't evacuate unaided, but they hadn't done so. The new TRIO group at this block have asked for some more forms. They will help more vulnerable tenants to complete them and return to Together Housing.

Thirdly, with support from the resident involvement officer, a meeting is going to be arranged for the residents to meet and talk to a member of the anti-social behaviour team and neighbourhood police to see what help they can get and find out what they need to do to prevent the anti-social behaviour.

It was great to see community spirit at work and showed, yet again, that there is a real need for TRIO. 

TRIO would like to thank Together Housing and West Yorkshire Fire Service for their continued support.

Everyone’s a winner at the Tpas Awards

It was both humbling and amazing to be nominated for the Tenant of the Year at the annual Tpas Awards held in Manchester. TRIO was a national finalist for its work as a tenant-led initiative working in partnership with a housing provider.

We didn’t win the top prize but I feel TRIO’s nomination and selection as a finalist shows how tenants are benefitting from working closer with Together Housing. It also highlights how Together Housing and West Yorkshire Fire Service have taken the time to listen and are active participants at our events.

TRIO doesn’t only cover fire safety, we have helped bring the right people together over anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, mental health and isolation.

We are initially holding events in tower blocks, so if you live in a Together Housing block and would like us to visit, please get in touch, email:

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Justin is a tenant of Together Housing living in a high rise block of flats in Halifax

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