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We're reducing our carbon emissions

We're reducing our carbon emissions

We have been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust for our efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

This comes after we recently installed a device designed to optimise fuel efficiency in our new vehicles. We have now been certified as Bronze Fleet Reducing CO2 by Masternaut, the company behind the fuel efficiency in-cab system.

The discreet device allows us to monitor how our vehicles are being driven and coaches us on our drivers’ behaviours. A beeping noise and green/amber/red light display alerts our drivers to any actions where improvements could be made, such as rapid braking or accelerating, keeping the engine running when stationary for more than two minutes and excessive revving.

Jane Whinnerah, Operations Manager, said: “We have invested in new technology to monitor and measure the performance of our fleet. Not only does this increase fuel efficiency, therefore reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles, but it also promotes safer driving, therefore reducing the risk of accidents.”

The technology has been proven to increase fuel consumption by 5% and reduce accidents by over 20%.

Repairs Team Coordinator James Russell, who was one of the first members of our staff to try the new system, said: “It points out areas where you could be a safer or more efficient driver by making small changes to your driving style. The tips I’ve picked up in work have also helped me drive more efficiently in my personal life, saving me money on my petrol costs and reducing wear and tear.”

Masternaut’s Fleet Reducing CO2 certification has been independently verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

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