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We're here for you, please be in for us

We're here for you, please be in for us

While most of our tenants help us to complete their annual boiler checks, on average one third miss their first appointment. Last year, over 14,500 repairs appointments were missed by our tenants, almost three quarters of these were for gas servicing alone.

Missed appointments cost us £300,000 a year. This is money that we could have spent improving our services to you and maintaining our existing properties, as well as providing new affordable housing for low income families. A cost to us is a cost to you.

Bill Atkins, Property Manager, says: “Failing to keep your boiler service up to date not only compromises your own safety, but also puts friends and family visiting your home at risk, as well as your neighbours.

“Aside from keeping safe, it’s a good idea to make sure your boiler is regularly maintained in preparation for winter. A serviced boiler is more efficient, providing hotter water at a lower cost.”

Unchecked appliances can be dangerous and in some cases fatal.

If you fail to attend your annual gas servicing appointment, there are legal consequences. In compliance with the Landlords Gas Safety Policy, we may take steps to gain access to your property in order to carry out the service, or take legal proceedings against you. Any costs as a result of these actions will be charged to you.

For these reasons, it is extremely important to keep your gas servicing appointments. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact your Customer Services Centre as soon as possible to rearrange.


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