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Together’s forever home for young businesswoman

Together’s forever home for young businesswoman

When businesswoman Yasmin Gilbert needed to find a home for her and her family quickly she realised she was up against many barriers and wondered if she would ever find her forever home.  Now, thanks to Together Housing Group, her family are settled and her business is going better than ever.


After renting from a number of private landlords who had decided to sell, Yasmin wanted to find a base where her and her family could thrive while she pursued her dream of running her own beauty business from a salon in Hessle.  Having returned to education as a mature student, Yasmin had the qualifications, but previous financial worries and self-employment meant that many landlords looked the other way.

“I’d always wanted to work for myself and running my own business means I can work around my son and easily nip home to keep up with work in the house.  However, many landlords consider it more of a risk, because you don’t have a regular salary.

“My partner worked and previous issues were all sorted, but we still found many landlords were unable to help and, because the house we were renting was being sold, I worried we wouldn’t find anywhere in time.” she explains.   She adds that she thought the fact they were a working household meant they wouldn’t be considered by a housing association. “A friend of mine told me to give Together Housing a try,” she says, “so I did.”

Having been nominated for a property by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, she was put in touch with Gavin, a Housing Officer who talked through the options and gave plain answers to her questions.  She admits that his patience was a virtue: “I was a complete pain because I had so many questions, but he listened and talked through all the options.  He made sure the home we were moving into was affordable, but he could see that we both had an income and wanted to invest in a place we could call our own and leave previous worries behind.”

When Gavin called Yasmin to say she’d been considered for a new build property in a desirable neighbourhood, she couldn’t believe it.  “I’d never lived in a brand new house before and, because we were both working, I never thought we’d be considered at all.  Now I couldn’t wait to get in!”

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Living in the new house had many advantages for Yasmin.  It was close to good schools for her son and, because of the insulation, she found her energy bills reduced drastically.  “Last month, when I got my gas bill, I had to double check it was right,” she enthuses.  Amazingly, she also found it was just a few minutes from work.  “We could have ended up anywhere and, because I drive, I didn’t want location to be a sticking point,” she admits, “but now that my business is just a few minutes down the road, it makes everything much easier.”

The biggest advantage for Yasmin, however, isn’t the location or quality but that, being a housing association property, the tenancy is much more secure.  “When you rent from a private landlord, you never know if they are going to turn round and chuck you out,” she cautions, “but with Together Housing you know that’s not likely to happen.  It means I can spend a bit of money on the house without it being wasted and it’s a real weight off my mind.  This house is my forever home and it’s my pride and joy.”

All this means Yasmin has had some time to invest in her business providing pedicures, wax treatments , facials and tanning.  She’s delighted to say it’s going really well: “I’ve had time to promote it further and I’ve got regular, happy, clients,” she says.  She has even had a few celebrities through the doors; “I can’t say much about it, but we’ve had a local radio personality and an Olympic Gold Medallist in the salon,” she hints.

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Kevin does public relations and digital inclusion work across Together Housing Group.