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Together Housing worker climbs Mount Kilimanjaro after losing friend to cancer

Together Housing worker climbs Mount Kilimanjaro after losing friend to cancer

Ricky Richardson, a Delivery Coordinator at Together Housing and charity worker, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Ricky has always been involved in fundraising for the charity, and after losing a close friend to cancer earlier this year he is honoured to be taking part in the trek.


Owning his own gym in Halifax, Calder Thai Boxing Academy, Ricky first worked with the Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) organisation raising money for Cancer Research UK by training complete beginners and running boxing events across the country. After raising over £9.5million directly for Cancer Research UK, UWCB were inspired to set up Ultra Adventures challenging the Ultra team to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the fantastic cause.

There are 20 places on the Ultra team trek, with the group setting a fundraising target of £4,000 per team member. Aiming to raise a grand total of £80,000 across the group, Ricky pushed himself further with a personal target of £10,000. Ricky said: “I believe cancer research is a very worthy cause, as cancer impacts most people’s lives either directly or through somebody they know.

“Earlier this year I lost a close friend of mine, who I had grown up with, to cancer. I am at an age where I have noticed that more and more of my friends and colleagues are fighting the horrible disease or are affected by it. The work of Cancer Research UK is invaluable.

“I have set myself a personal target of £10,000. The people I work with at Together Housing Group, and at my gym, are really supportive and I think it’s achievable. I always say ‘aim for the moon, and at least if you miss you’ll still end up in the stars!’

“I am already very fit and I know that people who know me would expect something extreme, and you can’t get much more extreme than climbing the world’s highest freestanding mountain at 19,340 feet, so why not?”

In the run up to the trek Ricky will be sticking to a strict training schedule, as well as asking for donations for his fundraiser, Ricky said: “I’ll be increasing my training schedule at the gym and supplementing this with cycling and long distance walking to get some cardiovascular work in, I’ll also be taking some altitude training. But most importantly, I’ll be fundraising in the run up to the trek, because all donations big or small are greatly appreciated.”

Ricky’s job as a Delivery Coordinator at Together Housing involves managing empty homes in Calderdale, turning them around and making them into desirable homes for new tenants. 

You can keep up to date with Ricky’s story and his progress over at his JustGiving page:

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