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Newground Together Supports Good Health for Life

Newground Together Supports Good Health for Life

Darnall residents are enjoying free health information, support and access to free activities thanks to Good Health for Life, a local project helping residents to improve their health and wellbeing and make positive lifestyle changes.

Darnall Well Being is a charitable organisation committed to helping the people of Darnall, Tinsley and neighbouring areas of Sheffield stay healthy. With a grant of £4,721 secured from Newground Together, a charity that’s part of the Together Housing Group, Darnall Well Being’s Good Health for Life project is allowing expert Health Trainers to provide one to one confidential support to local residents.

Health Trainers have been supporting individuals to make positive changes to their lifestyle, including improving their diet, developing health plans, incorporating more exercise into their lives and support managing long term conditions such as diabetes.

Darnall Well Being Health Trainers offer a client centred tailored approach and access to a broader programme which contains physical and social activities such as a ‘learn to ride a bike’ course for women and the local weekly health walk.

Good Health for Life aims to improve the quality of life for people living within Darnall, Sheffield’s third most deprived neighbourhood. By encouraging people to be more proactive and take control of their own health, the project is supporting adults to make healthy changes which benefit themselves and their families.

Newground Together was approached for funding by a Together Housing Group tenant Rima Al Khayat. Rima is a former Darnall Well Being service user, who became a volunteer health champion. Community Development Officer Belle Paterson spoke with Rima, who also volunteers on the Together Housing Groups Resident Involvement Panel.

Rima said: “I was recommended to attend Darnall Well Being by my doctor’s surgery as I was a little overweight, had high cholesterol, was borderline diabetic and felt depressed. I didn’t want to take medication, so they suggested I try working with a Health Trainer to get myself fit.

"After my successful experience with my Health Trainer, I was invited to become a Health Champions volunteer. This gave me the opportunity to attract people of all cultures to participate in various activities as well as socialising with different nationalities, bringing about a sense of social cohesion.

"This has helped make me feel happier, healthier and more satisfied with my own life. Having friends and being useful in the community has allowed me to become a better person and improve my self confidence.

"By keeping active and keeping my mind going I have been able to have a more positive outlook on life. I am so thankful for Darnall Well being and I love seeing other women getting active despite their age and physical condition.”


Belle said: “It’s wonderful to hear first hand from Rima, how this personal service is transforming people’s lives.”

The Together Housing Group have 45 properties in the local neighbourhood; by supporting this project Newground Together is opening up opportunities for local tenants as well as members of the wider community who can benefit from this fantastic health initiative.

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